Very nice and thought-provoking. We have to do better in the world about preserving our precious planet.
Posted By: Anonymous
It was 20 years in 1969. The year of the moon landing. There is something on the internet stating "a hoax" Why are people disparaging. I want to know. Thanks.
Posted By: Ian Franklin
Thank you for sharing this exhibition. Very nice colors, paint. The themes are very beautiful. In Hungary, we say " I Love you" Szeretlel Peace "B'eke"
Nice to meet you
Liza from Hungary
Posted By: Liza Krenticzky
I like how each tile says something different. I also like how different shades of the same color were used.
Posted By: Laurie Colls
Lovely Display! Where would I be without the ocean? It is one of my favorite places! Thank you for promoting awareness.
Posted By: Anonymous
WOW- Bring back Memories. Thank you.
Posted By: Anonymous
Beautiful exhibit!! The colors are vibrant and eye-catching!
Some minor corrections:
Global sea levels rose...
Global warming has an impact...
Global warming is causing a load of Damage
At some point, the earth will be too hot
Nevertheless great exhibit!! I like that you allow people to make comments with the markers
Posted By: anonymous
Beautiful exhibit
Posted By: anonymous
En esas pinturas se refleja la cruda realidad que vive nuestro país. Tristeza incalculable y una gran miseria se refleja en el rostro de cada cuadro.
Posted By: Alba
With this artwork, I realize that art can speak to you and can show you more than any words could explain. It is so beautiful and magic and at the same time, it gives you some warning. The colors, the textures, the vision showed me a clear message of something I knew but it was kept inside.
Posted By: Isabel
Beautiful pieces, great atmos, takes you to another realm.
Posted By: Palacios Albert
Love the artwork
Posted By: Kamal Patel
Posted By: Donald Han
Thank you for the great work
Love it!!
Posted By: Bruno Chazaro
Thank you! I love it!
Beautiful exhibit
Posted By: Gene Xhums
Amazing work!
Loved it!
Gerald & Zee Ann
Posted By: Gerald Hedgecock
Dear Mrs. Huong,

It was very nice meeting you last Friday, I hope you remember me, I was with my mother. We really enjoy meeting you, we believe you are a very nice person. Also we think your art is just remarkable, really lovely, one of the best in South Florida; as sharing some of your pictures on facebook, I had many people ask for your paints, and your name, they told me they saw your art before and they read an article in Vogue or Vanidades; they were very happy to know you have a gallery in Miami.

So I just want to say thank you again for your time.
Posted By: Silvia Stana Rebac, PA Real Estate Services.
Art that has a true and definitive meaning.
Posted By: Anonymous
All the pieces felt really relaxing- emotional but also really calming
Posted By: Yllari Yupanqui
Don’t stop what works for you
Posted By: Bach
I love it all!! Keep sharing the positive messages, peace, love, planet earth!
Thank you.
Posted By: Samara Persaud
Powerful and impactful messages
Breathtaking artwork!!
Posted By: Alyssa
"To our strongest impulse, to the tyrant in us, not only our reason but also our conscience yields."

Friedrich Nietzsche

May our impulse be for only good.
Posted By: Justin Roseu
A powerful, strong message that I will take home with me...
Thank you!
Posted By: Mike Rossi
The Peace Mural is very inspirational and combines beautiful images and important messages. Thank you for sharing this work.
Posted By: Laura
Lively color, very bright. Feels active. It's like swimming on canvas.
Posted By: Etvan
A very important message expressed in a beautiful way. Keep it up.
Posted By: Dr. Jayne Patterson
Amazing art!! We love this gallery and Mrs. Huong is just a delight to meet.
Posted By: Silvia Rebac
Every room has its own meaning to life!
Posted By: Quane
We need more places like these in the world. :)
Posted By: Lizette Garcia

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