I think is amazing. 5 stars for you!
Posted By: Oscar
Amazing, great art. So wonderful. Much love!
Posted By: Daniella Levine Cava
Thank you for bringing more attention to our one and only mother earth.
Posted By: Susan Narehood
The best I have seen yet. Keep up the wonderful job!
Love to mother earth!
Posted By: T
Fabulous display. We should all fight for our eath.
Peace, love and happiness
Posted By: Star
Very colorful and bright work. Really draws your attention. Very inspiring information.
Posted By: Nellys
When I look at that wall I see the truth in things I never thought about before. Thanks for sharing
Posted By: Mielna Cajina
Pretty dope work. YOur message is real and eye-opening and it's great. you showed it here. Keep up the great work. Really appreciated your work.
Posted By: Promise
Enjoyed the exhibit!
Posted By: Chris L
Excellent artwork. Real-Time expressions
Posted By: Doris & Donzo Tomlinson
Muy lindo y emocionante Gracias!
Very emotional, thank you for your art!
Posted By: Luisa Gutierrez
Thank you!. I will try to conserve the planet.
Posted By: Chris P. Bacon
The was the most extravagant place ever but... It was not so great without the festivities.
Posted By: Your mom
Thank you for sharing this blessing of peace.
Posted By: Eduardo&Jerri Gonzalez
Very beautiful work really inspiring. Strong believer in peace. Thank you very much for putting together this wonderful display of peace. More people should see this, especially those in power to send people to war or those who are the head of such terrible organizations.
Posted By: Jeremy Silber
You made me cry. That"s a good thing. I love art!
Posted By: William Adams
Fantastically striking!!!
Posted By: Dawn Furgest
Excellent, keep up the programs for kids.
Posted By: Kevin Baker
And I thought Al Qaida was bad! Thanks for opening my eyes"idiot
Posted By: Anonymous
This is united mafia art crap. Sell outs!
Posted By: No Name Guest
I was and still is very impressed with the art work & it"s expressions. This is very good work and I heard & understand every word it was and still is saying! The God I serve has agreed with each art expression so therefore we must serve the same God. Bless you & Peace be still
Posted By: Stephen B. Brooks
I have been so impressed artistically and with awareness by your masterpieces. Stay strong in your gift. You have not only informed but inspired so many.
Posted By: Maria Perry
An eye opening and much reached exhibit. Beautiful.
Posted By: Jackson Ash
Very impressive & touching paintings. I really felt the pain & suffering caused by the war and the true need for love & peace in the world.
Posted By: Nellie Santiago
Powerful, bold"the truth. Let peace be a way of life for future generations.
Posted By: Guy Beckles
What an explosion of emotion, texture, pain, and beauty! How amazing of a body of work is assembled in this gallery! At first I was drawn in by the colors and composition, but drawn in further by the most important of subjects- Peace. It is so wonderful to see an artist fully on purpose in this life, to see such beauty and triumph of spirit. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to partake in this magic. So inspiring is the exhibit, you want to run from the building exulting the virtues of peace and love. My very best wishes in all that you undertake. Thank you Thank you. Peace on earth oxox
Posted By: Holly Blanton
It was a great site to see someone with so much passion for peace. It was a pleasant surprise to see these paintings. In a day when there is so much violence in the world, its important to remember to stay peaceful.
Posted By: Adam Hassan
It is great to see other people for peace & not war. & the effects of war & torture.
Posted By: Pamella Constantine
Truly touching the point. Should be pertanent exhibit so that a larger number of people could understand it"s meaning.
Posted By: Davide Danese
Very inspiring and beautiful in its tragedy. Powerful " I wish the cronies in Washington could walk through with their arms supplier buddies from around the world.
Posted By: Patrice Andre

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