The exhibit is about to choose war over peace. War I think is to handle a conflict in a visions way. Peace I think is to handle a conflict with out doint something to hurt people in general.
Posted By: Alexa Curiel
Thank you! I came today not same what I would find. Looking at your work, I felt hopeful" I felt like crying, knowing that art, color, texture and love can and do make a difference. Life, my life, your life, are elaborate canvases- creation is beautiful- it is the only way through.
Posted By: Carlos Gonzalez
Today"s experience shook my soul. It let me w/ so many different emotions. Most of all, I left here knowing that peace is the way. We must instill this in our children because children are not born to hate, but raised to hate.
Posted By: Maribel Gonzalez
Your exhibit is full of emotional expression of what war brings to humanity- I can feel the anger in the colors and the forgiveness as well. The texture the bleeding colors! The suffering, the hell, the destruction. I thank you for your expression to the world from your perspective.
Posted By: Maggie Poppell
This is a powerful and important demonstration of self-expression for world peace. I find it to be enlightening and essential. I love art and this exhibit is wonderful.
Posted By: Brian Fernandez
Huong, what good fortune I had to read is the paper and come to your exhibit! It is a visual of the words of Gandhi. Your agony of recall has borne a most meaningful exhibit.
Posted By: Susan Kalloch
This is one of the highlights of my life to see and understand your work. You have a mission in life that will touch the world. God bless you!
Posted By: Lil Johnson
Extremely moving"so much beauty and so much pain. Thank you for the opportunity.
Posted By: Beth Heister
The most powerfully depicted rendition of one"s soul that has ever crossed my path. The journey through the exhibit was perfectly laid out to make your statement.
Posted By: Anonymous
Unreal! I left speechless. PEACE
Posted By: Jeff Accetta
Makes you wonder why we kill for peace? Do you know why? I don"t. Best art exhibit ever. I am speechless!
Posted By: Rich Bowen
A war once experienced, has memories forever
Posted By: Dorice & Jim Brock
Beyond words! Thank you
Posted By: Ellen Barnhart
I am moved to tears"but there is also hope in my heart"that the average person will walk in off the street and be forever changed- I am moving here in August- I am a teacher, an artist, and an activist- I would like to volunteer my skills and dedication in any way possible- thank you for touching me
Posted By: Trisha Halverson
Beautiful! Lovely work in a lovely home. Thank you for your showing today
Posted By: Kevin O'lcufe
Beautiful work, beautiful message!. Thank you for opening your wonderful exhibit to the public
Posted By: Jo-Aw
We are proud of you! Love you!
You and your words of art are so amazing. We are so happy and honored to be your friends. Your high school friend and forever love- Thug Ovam (Toronto-Canada)
Huong, love freedom, art. Forever from Ly Az
My best friend Huong , peace, and love will always be in your heart and you are always in my heart with all my love Minh Chan
Thank you for welcoming us to your mansion and your gallery. Wish you luck in the future.
Huong, your paintings always show your love, emotion, and caring for the misfortunate people. I still have and love your work in my art collections
I love you
We are so proud of you Houng PEACE!
You have a big heart and the whole life fighting for peace I love you- Kathy
Glad to retunr to your gallery today, beautiful Oceanus paintings. Hard work repaid - Ninh Nguyen (Houston, Texas)
Posted By: Huong's classmates from high school Saigon Vi
Huong tu trabajo y arte es una inspiración. Pocos artistas extranjeros llegan a otro lugar a apoyar a otras comunidades a alcanzar paz, unidad, y opciones de vida a través del arte. Te admiro y espero que tu trabajo transcienda fronteras
Posted By: Francisco (Colombia)
The war room brought tears to my eyes & sadness to my heart. I am of the Vietnam generation & fear the present war for my own two sons. I wanted to sweep you up in my arms & take away the pain, so powerful- I’m sorry I missed meeting you. John walked me through your life’s work and all I can say is how happy I am that you found love & happiness. No one should go through such pain- But god watches out & brings you home to peace. As a fellow artist, I salute you- I am awed, I am speechless, I am moved beyond words.
Posted By: Meg Winter
People are learning to treat our environment in ways to protect it for future generations
Posted By: Gabo
Your talent exceeds beyond words. I’m in awe of your work. Excellent- Must see show!
Posted By: Carol Buchalter
God has blessed us all by giving you the talent of expressing the horror of war and the beauty of peace through your hands. Peace
Posted By: Dolores Tschudi
Your message of peace inspires me. Your images of war move me also, but in a way that frightens me & makes me sad. Let us all teach & live peace.
Posted By: Sue Wright
Stunning- thought provoking- eye opening & heart opening- This art is like no other art I have seen. Displays so much feeling (sorrow and joy) Peace is certainly the answer to all our fears.
Posted By: Rosemary & Carl Casperson
Many many people should see this exhibit and become aware of the tragedies of war. We have choice. We have freedom. We must stop war.
Posted By: Kathy Ordway
Probably the most timely and ppowerful works of an exceptional artist we have ever seen!
Posted By: Tom & Doris Regan
Very peaceful. Power to the peaceful! Thank you Thank you. Please keep us informed.
Posted By: Kathleen & Bill DiVergilio
Your paintings express more than words can say. I am a peace maker in a quiet way. I have over my door at my office, "Peace through music" I am a music teacher, and try to exemplify for my students a way of peace. Your exhibit was extremely moving. Thank you. Your painting style is commanding. This will be a lifelong experience.
Posted By: Donna Butler
Very compelling & inspiring. It drives me to want to make a difference.
Posted By: Daniel E. Fernandez
Beautiful expression of the way society needs to start thinking
Posted By: Yolanda McCollisten

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