The same day when President Obama travels to Oslo, Norway to accept his Nobel Peace Price. Dec-10th-2009 , Presented by thePeace Mural Foundation, the Artist Huong will unveil 200 ft. long by 8 feet tall mural. Made of 700 Original Paintings devoted to one subject USA Transformation.
Where : Miami Art Palace- 7900 SW 77 Ave. Miami, Fl. 3314 – Direction from I-95 (becomes US-1) go South 5 miles, turn Right at 72nd St. Sunset, go West 2 miles, before Underpass Highway 826 turn left at 77th Ct, follow the road 1 mile to the White Dome Palace on your right. Parking along the road.

When: Dec-10th-11th and 12th of 2009 From 10-5:PM.
Open to the Public- $10 dollars at the door, (Proceeds donated to the Peace Mural Foundation) – Students and Seniors FREE.

Miami : Barack Hussein Obama’s inauguration as 44th President of the United States on January 20, 2009, was remarkable because he is the first African American elected to this office. It was also remarkable because of what it meant beyond our shores. Not just America but the world claimed him as its own.
The Nobel Peace Prize awarded on October 9, 2009, confirmed that election by the world. “Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.
I was there in Washington, DC, on Inauguration Day, with 1.8 million others. I was side by side with other immigrants, with daughters, sons and the grandchildren of these immigrants. Hearts pounding, we joined frozen hands and smiled past frozen lips, lifted above ourselves into history.

These panels reflect what I saw and felt on that day and what I have been seeing and hearing in the months since. I’ve been listening to America, to Obama, and to the world. I’ve been hearing what children and adults around the US are saying about our President and the era he inaugurated. I’m hearing those who call him a liar, question his citizenship, and fear the changes he wants as well as those who love him. I’ve been hearing what he says in Europe and in Cairo, in town hall meetings, in talks with schoolchildren and speeches to Congress.
And I’m hearing what people around the world are saying about the shift from
a President who drew lines in the sand to one who says “We can talk about it. “
President Obama’s eloquence is thrilling. But more important than anything he says is his willingness to listen—to people who distrust him or the US, as well as those we consider friends.
Some of his oldest friends call him “Ears.” Those ears are more than a striking physical feature. They may be the world’s best hope for peace. As the Nobel Committee noted, in Obama’s America, “Dialogue and negotiations are preferred as instruments for resolving even the most difficult international conflicts.” So stop for a moment. See what dialogue looks like, and hear the many voices. YES, WE CAN hear each other with respect. It’s the path to peace.

Special credit and thanks to Interns - Guest Artists :
Glenn Ryals, Mang, Linh, Kyle Michalowski, Johab Silva, Ramon Lopez, Andrea Kirkpatrick and Belkys Behr.