“As a Nation and citizen to the American country it is each person’s responsibility to take action in at least knowing our warfare and how the choices made today impact future generations."

Unclothed and tangled in truth, “The War on Iraq” Peace Mural, founded by Artist Huong deems to educate the public of evolutionary twists and unfortunate happenings of past events that have occurred as a result of certain political choices.  Subtitled, “A Big Lie” this series exhibits actual events that occurred during 2003-2009 that have negatively impaired some innocent citizens and families.  For example, premature announcement to war ending, unfulfilled promises to veterans, miscalled terrorist attacks and so forth.

Huong and cooperating participants of The Peace Mural delve to deliver peace through historical pains in relevance to the American government provided by a distinct collaboration of images that display a series of events within given timeframe that has concurrently affected the current government, communities, individuals and families.  Moreover, the “The Big Lie”, addresses each civilian to gravitate as whole to participate in educating oneself positively about political past errors made in history.

Additionally, in anticipation of subsequently achieving a higher degree of caring and activity within the community, The Peace Mural strives to visually stimulate the public to become aware of past dilemmas and consequential realizations of differentiating ways of how war impacts life, living and unity.  Gaining insight of significant issues to activate peace, The War on Iraq Peace Mural is ultimately dedicated to positively impact and activate peace resolutions to prevent previous mistakes from happening again.  The reflection of these issues can alternately drive viewers to see the solutions within mistakes.