Free Lolita (Ichimura Japanese Garden) Miami

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FREE LOLITA (Ichimura Japanese Garden) MIAMI:

The wave of support for Lolita is growing strong thanks to Michael Gray’s “Lolita” Painting. There has been an outpour of support from all guests at the Bodhi Festival in Miami Beach on her behalf. Festival guests have left touching and uplifting messages upon the petition portion of the Peace Mural, pledging their undying support. Petition signatures along with the Peace Mural will travel to raise awareness for present oceanic and animal captivity issues.


Pictured are ‘Free Lolita’ Activists joined by artist Michael Gray (second from the right) for the public forum demanding the immediate release of Lolita the Orca Whale. She has spent the last 44 years in performance captivity at the Miami Sea Aquarium since her capture off the coast of Washington State.

The “Lolita” Peace Mural will continue to be on display at the Bodhi Festival until the closing ceremonies on February 8th.

WHERE: Bodhi Festival: Ichimura Miami Japanese Garden:
1101 Macarthur Causeway, Watson Island, FL 33132
WHEN: January 24th – February 8th 2015 from 10AM to 8PM
WHO: Presented by Peace Mural The Bodhi Festival

Contact Person(s) :

Michael Gray – [email protected] Tel (305)879-3082
Jesse Alejos – [email protected] Tel (407)346-1886

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