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From Obama To Trump-
The America Transformation

Miami: To celebrate the spirit of Hope and reconciliation of this new year 2017 ,say good bye.
What: The departure of the 44th President and  witness the Inauguration of the 45th Commander In Chief, The Peace Mural will display the Obama and Trump Mural by Miami Artist Huong and her art interns Andy Kirk Patrick, Raymond Lopez, Johab Silva and  Laam.
Where: Exhibit on the weekend Saturday and Sunday January 14 and 15 From 11:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. at Miami Art Palace 7900 SW 77th Ave Miami FL 33143 please RSVP  for free Admission at

Who: On a cold bitter remarkable January 20, 2009, the artist Huong joined 1.8 million people jammed in the Capitol malls to witness history- The Barack Obama Inauguration-The first African American elected to this office and later at the same year, He received The Nobel Peace Prize awarded on October 9, 2009, confirmed this President Obama captured the  world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.

“-The Obama Mural reflect what I saw and felt on that day and what I have been seeing and hearing in the years since. I’ve been listening to America, to Obama, and to the world. I’ve hearing what children and adults around the US are saying about our President and the era he inaugurated. I’m hearing those who call him a liar, question his citizenship, and fear the changes he wants as well as those who love him. I’ve been hearing what he says to Europe and in Cairo, in town hall Meetings, in talks with school children and speeches to Congress. And I’m hearing what people around the world are saying about the shift from a president who drew lines in the sand to one who says “we can talk about it ” Huong said.
President Obama’s eloquence is thrilling. But more important than anything he says is his willingness to listen- both to people who distrust him as well as those like him.

The President’s calls for the nation to come together, next day after the long, bitter election 2016, Obama called for a “Sense of unity, a sense of inclusion, and a respect for institutions, our way of life, rule of law and a respect for each other”.

As the Nation enter a new era with the next Presidency, for Obama, Trump and the Republicans’ control of Congress puts at risk many of his signature policies over the past eight years. At the core of Trump’s campaign was a promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act and to scrap Obama’s executive actions on immigration and climate change. Trump also has promised to undo the president’s deal to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, the biggest foreign policy achievement of Obama’s second term and the Trans Pacific savaged trade deal.

How do you rate Obama and ask the New president Trump about what is going on in the nation and the world? Huong’s talent, her remarkable energy and her positive personality unify the public’s opinions and transform them to Public  Education and the Peace Mural. Her goal is to inform and inspire the public through art and to empower people to express their thoughts and feelings on the Mural no matter  what their point of view. “She is exquisitely open-minded”, said Barbara Miller, program manager at Broward Main Library.
This cathartic and memorable work, which focuses on the peace to overcome the pain divisive and hostility of the nation after 2016 election as seen by the artist through the lens of her own experience led to the creation of the cathartic mural that express a message of peace throughout the world.

Woodrow T. Wilson


Exhibition To Serve As Catalyst
For Action For Peace

Miami: working with the Peace Mural Foundation, Inc. and other non-profit organizations dedicated to the message of peace, internationally renowned artist Huong will display her interactive, 100 foot-long exhibit of more than 500 paintings known as the Peace Mural. The Peace Mural is designed to be a highly interactive experience for those who see it,  it’s far more than an art exhibit. It’s inspirational and provocative, deeply educational, spiritual and politically charged as it resonates the hope and vision for peace within all society.

Her goal is to inform and inspire the public through art and to empower people to express their thoughts and feelings on the Mural not matter their point of view. “She is exquisitely open-minded”, said Barbara Miller, program manager at Broward  Main Library.
This cathartic and memorable work, which focuses on the peace to overcome the pain divisive and hostility of the nation after 2016 election as seen by the artist through the lens of her own experience led to the creation of the peacemural, a collection of more than 1,000 individual paintings 10 years in the making  that express a message of peace throughout the world.

The one month exhibition in a 10,000 sq. ft. venue will be weekly open to the public during the month of January on Friday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m . The exposition includes a diverse program and civic dialogues on themes of art, education, spirituality, public policy and citizen action for the advancement of a culture of peace.
“It will be a gigantic book for public viewing and reading about the peace for many generations to come. I hope to interview many participants and listen to many different voices of America. Looking foward to meeting you for this endeavor” Huong said recently.

So stop for a moment. See what dialogue looks like, and hear the many voices. YES WE CAN hear each other with respect. It’s the path to the peace.

WHEN: Art Opening January 7 & 8 (Saturday, Sunday)
from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm
WHERE: Miami Art Palace 7900 SW 77th Ave, Miami, Florida 33124

Gloria Estefan wrote on our mural her peace quote!




OceanUS Mural.

WHAT: Miami Humankind has always understood the great importance of water. The Peace Mural Foundation, a non-profit public education through art organization based in Miami, has dedicated an exhibit “OceanUS Mural” to raising awareness for some of the most harmful human activities to the ocean. The heart of the mural, will be so large people will feel like they are in an aquarium (BUT WITHOUT THE GUILT!).

WHO: Huong, were first inspired to create a mural on the ocean in 2010 when she witnessed the BP oil spill. 5 years in the making the mural will be completed this December with an unveiling event during Art Basel.

WHERE: at Miami Art Palace 7900 SW 77th Ave. Miami. Fl, 33143 on Saturday December 3 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Please RSVP: [email protected] For your inspiring experience at Miami Art Palace and to visit artist Huong.

Miami is an ideal city for The OceanUS Project. Many of the world’s major ocean issues are also local problems for Miami. These issue include, over fishing , trash and cruise ship pollution, and sewage dumping.

This spectacular and timely exhibit is both evocative and provocative will carriers the power to echo for years to come. Her OceanUS Mural collectively form a body of work that addresses the worldwide  issue today. This is a MUST-SEE  Art event.

Praying for Lolita Freedom at Ichimura Garden


Huong has exhibited more than 100 solo expositions in the United States and Canada, and has been featured in national news outlets like PBS, The Huffington Post, New York Times, and Washington Post. She has been hosted by the Department of Homeland Security, National Council of La Raza,US Capitol in Washington DC and she had sponsors like the American Library Association. The institution of National Policy study and many more. For press review of her work, google : Peacemural by Huong.


A popular Landmark with its dome-structured roof and minarets, a mysterious sight from the Palmetto 826 Expressway and 878 Hwy, the mansion – known as the Miami Art Palace  – has been the artist’s studio and the Haven for Art Lovers since 1995. The gallery features more than 10,000 square feet dedicated to art.  A much needed space since Huong’s masterpieces, War and Peace Murals, are comprised of thousands of painted canvases that include interactive panels, encouraging public participation and discussion. The Grand Estate with its Majestic Dome, designed in 1982 by earthquake scientist Humberto Contreras, represents the beauty of Mediterranean architecture and has survived all the hurricanes that have swiped through Florida, including Andrew.  The Miami Art Palace surrounded by a real tropical paradise with exotic orchids, bromeliad and a manicured bonsai collection, a water lily-covered reflection pond and a 12 foot sculpture by Nicole Taillon of Canada called The Magnificent Hunter.

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