Trump Mural Coming to Miami Beach

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For Immediate Release, July 1, 2016

MIAMI BEACH – Presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump says so many outlandish and often offensive statements, it can be hard to take them all in.

Yet with a new interactive exhibit of original artwork, visitors can do just that. An impressive 8-foot-high, 50-foot-long exhibit is filled with the actual words that come straight from Trump’s mouth.
The collaboration between artists Huong and Laam will be unveiled on July 8th at the Peace Mural Gallery, 1606 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach.

Quotes from Trump on everything from his feelings on women to economics and, his favorite topic, himself are gathered along with original portraits of the businessman-turned-politician. The mural creates a vision worth considering as a timely look at American culture and values.

Taming the beast-Trump 2016#2

Those who view the exhibit are also encouraged to add to it. Visitors can write their own quotes about Trump – his personality and his policies – on the artwork itself. The interactive mural is designed to increase political discussions and engagement in the civic process.

Whether supportive or disgusted by Trump, viewers can decide whether he is a beast or whether he is taming a beast of a political process. Art is a unique medium for bringing about debate in a lighthearted, yet impactful way.

To learn more about the exhibit and the artists, log on to

Taming the Beast-Trump 2016 #1

WHERE : Peace Mural Gallery. 1606 Washington Ave Miami Beach 33143 Tel 305-534-0460 RSVP: [email protected]

WHAT : Art Unveiling by Miami Artists Huong and Lamm. TAMING THE BEAST : TRUMP IN HIS OWN WORDS

WHEN : July 9th, Sat from 7-10pm, Parking garage behind on 16th street

WHO : Sponsored by Peace Mural Foundation, A Non-Profit and Independent Organization based in Miami, serving Public Education since 2000

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